Day 01: Huaraz - Canrey Chico - Tzacracancha 3800m
We leave from Huaraz at 8:00 am with a private minivan it transfer us to Olleros village at 3450masl, we will get this village at 9:00am approximately on this place the llamas drives and llamas will be waiting for us, from thisplace we will start to hike for around 5 hours to the fist campsite called Tzacracancha at 3800m.

Day 02: Tzacracancha - Shonqopampa Pass 3850m
First breakfast at the campsite after that we wil strat to hike up at 8:00am we hike for around 4 hours and we will get Yanashallash Pass 4750m at noon we will have lunch, enjoying the panoramic view, after it we will go descend till second campsite at 3850m, this day we have enjoyed walking in the Pre-Inka trail stone paved some parts, then we will start zigzag path to go down to Shonkopampa.

Day 03: Shonqopampa - Chavin de Huantar - Huaraz
After breakfast we will start to descend passing many villages we will get to Chavin de Huantar district at 3100m after 4 hours, Chavín de Huantar is an archeological site is one of them oldest cultures from South America, this culture was ruled by priests, in the oldest castle we can find the Lanzon god, on this archeological place you will find many mysterious about gods, sacrifice, art, architect after to get information more about this culture we will aboard the private minivan on the way we will pass Cahuish Tunnel at 4450m, we will be in Huaraz at 5 o’ clock and transfer to the hotel in Huaraz.