Cedros trekking + climbing ALPAMAYO


A 9-day expedition with different passes offering great views over the Cordillera Blanca and leading to the ascent of one of the most beautiful mountain in the world, Alpamayo (5,947m/19,506ft).

Day 01: Huaraz – Hualcayan – Calamina (4200m/13776ft)

After breakfast in the hotel, you will board our private bus, and drive along the Callejon de Huaylas, north of HuarazWe will travel through the districts of Carhuas (2650m/8692ft), Yungay (2500m/8200ft), and Caraz City (2400m/7872ft). We will arrive around 11am at Hualcayan, where our donkey drivers will be waiting for us. We will start a 4-5h ascent to reach Camp Calamina, stopping for lunch on the way. Overnight camping at 4200m/13776ft.

Day 02: Calamina – Cullicocha pass (4850m/15908ft) – Osoruri (4,560m/14,952ft)

After breakfast, at 7am, we will start a 4h ascent to Cullicocha pass (4850m/15908ft). There we will visit the beautiful lakes of Cullicocha and Yanacocha. Then we will hike down for about 1h30 to our second camp, Osoruri, enjoying along the way great views over the peaks of Macizo de Santa Cruz, Champara, and many more. Overnight camping at 4560m/14952ft.

Day 03: Osoruri – Jatunvientona pass (4750m/15580ft) – Ruinapampa – Jancarurish (4,300m/14,104ft)

After an early breakfast, we will hike down for about 2h to reach Ruinapampa. Then, we will hike up for about 2h to Jancarurish, where we will find the Alpamayo Base Camp. We will have lunch on the way or possibly at the campsite, and enjoy a free afternoon to rest. Overnight camping at 4300m/14104ft.

Day 04: Jancarurish (Alpamayo Base Camp) – resting day

We will have a late breakfast, at 9am. The porters will pack the climbing gears and carrying everything up to the Moraine Camp. You will be free to join if you wish, and get the opportunity to take great pictures of the climbing face of Alpamayo. You can also decide to take a resting day at the camp. Overnight camping at 4300m/14104ft.

Day 05: Jancarurish – Moraine Camp (4,850m/15,908ft)

After another late breakfast, at 9am, we will start a 4h ascent to Moraine Camp of the Alpamayo. There we will enjoy some hot drinks, lunch and have the afternoon free to walk around the camp and get some good rest, before (hopefully) enjoying the sunset over Alpamayo. Overnight camping at 4850m/15908ft.

Day 06: Moraine Camp –  Camp 1 (5,550m/18,208ft)

After an early breakfast, we will hike up to the glacier for about 30min. We will then put our climbing gear to continue a 5h ascent to Camp 1. During this climb we will enjoy breathtaking views over the different peaks around: Santa Cruz, Quitaraju, Champara, and of course the summit of one of the most beautiful mountain in the world. Alpamayo. We will have dinner in the late afternoon, and rest properly for our early start the next day. Overnight camping at 5550m.

Day 07: Camp 1 – Alpamayo summit (5,947m/19,506ft) – Camp 1

We will have an early breakfast, at 2 or 3am in the morning, then start climbing Alpamayo with headlamps. After about a 1h-hike in the snow, we will get to the base of the wall (Ferrari route), with an inclination of ~75. We will climb for about 2-3h, up to the summit of Alpamayo 5947m/19506ft. After enjoying the breathtaking views of the peaks, we will safely come down rappelling with the help of our guide. We will get back to Camp 1 around 11-12am, enjoy some nice lunch and rest in the afternoon. Overnight in the glacier at 5550m

Day 08: Camp 1 – Base Camp of Arhueycocha in Santa Cruz valley (4,300m/14,1076ft)

After breakfast, we will come back the same route down to Moraine Camp. We will continue to walk down to Base Camp, arriving around 3pm. Overnight camping at 4300m.

Day 09: Base Camp – Huaraz

We will walk back down along the Santa Cruz valley, enjoying one more time the great views of the Jatuncocha and Ichiccocha lakes. Arriving at Cashapampa, where our driver will be waiting for us. We will have a last stop for lunch, and then drive back to Huaraz, arriving around 4-5pm.


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