Servicios en Huaraz

Services in Huaraz

Accommodation: The offer is wide. In Huaraz you can find everything from hostels for backpackers who travel with just enough to three-star hotels. Try to find information on the internet regarding the quality of care and cleanliness of the place; take your time and choose well. In some places it is possible to “leave” your luggage during the days that you go to the hill, an option that can help you choose where to stay.

Transportation: In Huaraz there are plenty of taxis and the most picturesque motorcycle taxis. The value of a taxi within the city should not exceed 3 soles, and the value of a mototaxi should not exceed two. To travel to the towns and valleys that are close to the mountains, you can do it by taxi or combi, the latter option is the cheapest. For example, a journey by bus to the city of Caraz costs only 6 soles per person in 2016.

Supply: There is also a lot of supply. From supermarkets to the central market of Huaraz, which allows an excellent supply for expeditions of several days.

Culinary Offer: One of the good things about Peru is that wherever you are, you will always find a great culinary offer for all tastes and pockets. You cannot leave Huaraz without trying some of the specialties of the area, such as, for example, the popular spicy Cuy. If you are vegetarian you can find alternatives in the market. There are several Cafés that are worth visiting, among which we can recommend the “Café Andino” and the “Café California”, both with a pleasant atmosphere focused on the mountains. Another option is to move a few blocks away from the center, to the northwest, and visit a smaller Café aimed at locals, where for 10 soles you can have an excellent continental breakfast. Set aside some money to properly celebrate a successful promotion.

Night entertainment: There are a large number of bars in the city, among which we can recommend those located in the vicinity of Parque Ginebra. There are several nightclubs, but without a doubt the classic of the city is “El Tambo” or “Tamboraju” for mountaineers, a club located on José del Mar Street #100 and which is a point of confluence between Huaracinos and tourists.

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